Justice Con 2020: A Discussion with Zack Snyder

by Damian Fasciani
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Article by Damian Fasciani

Zack Snyder Justice Con Dark Knight NewsI have to say, that out of all the Justice Con panels that have been released so far, if you’re going to watch just one, then this conversation with Zack Snyder is the one you must watch.

A relaxed, information packed conversation all about the upcoming Justice League film in 2021 is what’s on the agenda. For the last few years fans around the world have shaken the internet to its very core, demanding that Zack Snyder’s version of the film be released. It’s finally coming, and you get to see a very authentic Snyder talk about various elements of the film, where it is at, and some background context that ties into what’s to come.

Snyder mentioned that his release is very much in the process of restoration at the moment. Pulling out his original footage, looking through what was filmed, he references the aspect ratio that he filmed in being different to the theatrical release. “Information missing” from the screen, is how he described the impact and decisions taken in changing the look, and feel, of what we ended up seeing in the theatrical/home release. He was clear to include how it was very different to his style, and how he expected certain scenes to look pretty different.

Zack Snyder talks about the size of the job and process of restoring Steppenwolf back his original creation, labelling this as a huge undertaking in and of itself, one that Zack seemed very passionate about. As Zack talked about the movement and his gratitude to HBO Max, for helping bring his version to life, to my surprise he said he’s doing this for free. Now, maybe there’s another method by which he is making some money out of this release (maybe not), but as you watch the panel and listen to how he describes the importance of what this means to him and the impact on his family; maybe this isn’t about money, it’s much bigger than that.

Zack Snyder Justice Con Dark Knight News

The movie length was an interesting topic; he talks about not being known for creating short, or average length films. He references the DC characters and the time needing him to dig in deep into so many of them in one film. When Warner Bros mandated that the film could only be two hours long, it was something Zack described as a challenge. So we can expect a longer version coming, which is great.

To help support the AFSP foundation, a cause that is very dear to the Snyder family, the fans behind the Justice Con movement have raised over $100,000, which is an incredible feat. There’re Justice League shirts coming for this film, so please keep an ear out and buy yours. There’s more to come on this subject at DC Fandome

I highly recommend you watch this entire panel, and for that reason I will share that there is a surprise on there that all fans will love, but I won’t tell you at what point it lands, because experiencing the surprise without listening to Snyder doesn’t to it “Justice” (like how I did that?!) Zack explains his take on Superman, and wanting to show him in a more “relatable” fashion to people, rather than the typical boy scout that simply saves everyone. Without spoiling the panel, his reference here speaks to the evolution of Clark dating back to the Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and now Snyder’s Justice League.

Zack Snyder talks about the times where fans started to generate what he called “noise” for his version of the film. Warner Bros went back to look at deleted scenes, and started to think about putting some of them back in. A few dropped online, but that was the point when pressure began mounting on the studio to do more.

It’s in this panel that we really get understand just how passionate Zack is about this project, and what it means to his family. He was asked about the rumours that he intends using some of Josh Wheedon’s footage, but Zack makes is extremely clear no footage other than his own will be seen in this release.

There is no  f@(~!*<  chance of that happening. I would rather set the film on fire

So what else can we expect? Here’s what’s coming at DC Fandome

  • The official title of the re-cut Justice League film
  • A Teaser Trailer
  • Announcements on how the film will be released.

Junkie XL is back working on the soundtrack, something that Zack was excited to talk about so expect some new tunes DC fans.

I’ll finish with the passion and enthusiasm of Zack Snyder directly referencing how the movie will centre around Ray Fisher, and his persona of the iconic Cyborg. Zack talks about how he wants the film to be pretty much finished before he sits Ray down to show him it. The way Zack talks about the importance of that, you can tell in his voice, and how he spoke, that it’s incredibly important to get that right. My impression is that Ray’s character is the heart of this film, and I’m super excited about what’s to come at DC Fandome, and in 2021.

Comment below and start the discussion as to what you thought of the panel. For collectible fans, check out our coverage of the new McFarlane DC range, coming soon.

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