Justice Con is Here for DC Fans!

by Damian Fasciani
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Article by Damian Fasciani

DC fans, Justice Con is upon us, and this up coming weekend you have a host of panels via youtube. Branded as Justice Con we can now subscribe to online with a dedicated youtube channel.

We have the full schedule of Justice Con for you here; with the full list of panels, personalities, artists, writers, and hosts.

Below are the direct links to the panels. We wanted to ensure that our fans have everything they need to sit back at home, in comfort, and enjoy all the Comic Con updates.

Stay up to date right here.

Justice Con SDCC Dark Knight NewsLivestream Events:

Introduction to JusticeCon – 
https://youtu.be/gFfKccvgzzYTodd Richheimer / @inktothepeople Panel – 
https://youtu.be/xB4ZClEsL-MSpotlight on @Ray__Porter Panel – 

@afspnational Panel –

Spotlight on @jayoliva1 Panel – 
https://youtu.be/U-QUwCfzx2cSpotlight on @ray8fisher Panel – 
https://youtu.be/8lMIZmmYkH8Spotlight on @ZackSnyder Panel – 
https://youtu.be/g_Kg6Cxwn18Spotlight on  Fabian Wagner Panel – 

@ClayEnos & Kristine Cabanban Panel – 

Deborah Snyder & Snyder’s Amazons Panel –

Diversity in Zack Snyder’s Films Panel – 

@Sean_OConnell & @RTSCBook Book Panel – 

Artists of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Panel –

Justice Con Final Word –

We’d love your views and comments, after the panels, so please come back to our social media platforms, and kick start the conversation.

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