‘Flash’ May Pursue Christian Bale

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Rumors have sprung up online that The Flash may want Christian Bale as Batman, if talks with Michael Keaton fall through.

Recall last week’s bombshell news that The Flash filmmakers are negotiating with former Batman actor Michael Keaton. However, it was stressed that these are just talks, and that nothing’s been confirmed yet.

Now a new rumor suggests that the filmmakers have a backup plan if Keaton turns down the part, they may go after Dark Knight Batman actor Christian Bale.

Amusingly, the report also definitively stated that the older Batman role will not be offered to Justice League Batman actor Ben Affleck. Lately, Affleck has been struggling with his personal life, which ultimately killed any enthusiasm to return to the role that he may have had.

Incidentally, DCEU Mythic offers no evidence or cited sources for this news, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt until we hear otherwise.

League of Batmen

Forget that for a moment, though. Wouldn’t it be cooler to see both Bale and Keaton on-screen? At this point, audience members are savvy enough to understand the multiverse. Thanks to the Flash television show and the 2019 film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the general audience can accept alternate versions of the same character. Plus… how cool would that be?

It’s interesting that the Flash filmmakers seem so insistent on casting an older Batman actor for the movie. What is it about this film that the apparent need for an older Batman is integral? Yes, there are rumors that the film will borrow heavily from the Flashpoint comic book arc that featured an older Batman, but is this the best way to represent the character of the Flash?

The Flash himself has a very rich comic book history. much of which doesn’t even involve Batman! It would be nice if the filmmakers were interested in making a movie purely about the Flash and his story.

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