Fans Call for a Ben Affleck Cut of ‘The Batman’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Fans online have started to rally together, demanding a Ben Affleck version of The Batman.

On Twitter, fans have been trending the hashtag “Batfleck” in an attempt to get an Affleck-led Batman film made.

Due to the news that a Zack Snyder-director’s cut of Justice League will premiere on HBO Max, fans are now hoping for an alternate version of The Batman with Affleck leading and starring in it.

Check out the fans tweets asking for an Affleck-version of The Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Exit from ‘The Batman’

Back in the day, Affleck signed on to write, direct, and star in a Batman solo movie, set in the DCEU. However, as time went on, Affleck slowly dropped out of the project altogether. He initially handed the directorial reins over to Matt Reeves, but, after months of rumors, he later confirmed that he’d also left the role of Batman for someone else to fill.

Later on he opened up on why he left the project, stating that he’d been finding it difficult to write a script good enough where he could get “excited” about it. He also revealed that he struggled with a lot of personal problems in his life, including divorce and a relapse into alcoholism.

Wishful Thinking

As much fun as seeing an Affleck-cut of The Batman will be, it’s highly unlikely to occur. Even though the Snyder-cut of Justice League was considered a pipe dream, it was at least a movie that was already shot and half-produced.

Affleck never even got to the pre-production phase on The Batman. So it’s a huge stretch to ask the studio to fork over 100+ million for a totally new Batman movie when they’re already making one. More importantly, Affleck’s more recent comments on Batman imply a lack of interest from the actor/writer/director.

The dude is in a new phase in his career and his life, and playing Batman caused him so much stress that it pushed him to drink again. When it comes down to it, if Affleck’s not interested in participating, then the project is dead in the water, no matter how many fans demand it.

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