Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips Talk About ‘Joker’s Future

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips have discussed what the character’s future will be like in the movies.

Phillips spoke with Hollywood reporter Jake Hamilton about Joker inspiring any potential sequels. He was very quick to dismiss the notion of any additional movies.

“Well, I don’t think we’re gonna make a second one. That’s just not in our plans. But for fun, have me and Joaquin bounced around ideas? We were doing it when we were shooting, because that’s what you do sometimes.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Hamilton also asked Joaquin Phoenix about potential sequel ideas. More specifically, what would happen if Phoenix’s Joker met Batman. The actor’s response was interesting to say the least. He appeared to genuinely be at a loss for words at the idea of meeting Batman.

“[Phoenix] hadn’t thought about that. I feel under pressure, I want to give you a great answer — something that’s fun… I can’t imagine what his reaction would be, I imagine that he would feel a surge of excitement.”


The Future of ‘Joker’

What will be Joker’s future? The positive buzz is high. Additionally, it is projected for a moderately big box office opening. However, Phillips repeatedly said Joker is not a typical superhero blockbuster. Traditional superhero movie concepts, like sequels, are out of the question. It seems like Joker has a very specific, finite story to tell. Most dramas never produced franchises, because the sole movie tells the whole story. Joker is the same way.

Joker arrives in theaters Oct. 4.

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