Tom King Set To Co-Write ‘New Gods’ Movie

by Philip Clark
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Article by Philip Clark

Long time Batman comics writer, Tom King is taking a new direction with his writing. After his incredible run on Batman, Tom King is a man in high demand. After producing several high quality comic series, the author is taking a new step in his writing career. He’s heading to the silver screen.

Warner Bros. have hired King to co-write the New Gods film with acclaimed author Ava DuVernay. I’m sure many of you are leaping for joy if you remember King’s iconic 12 issue mini-series run on Mister Miracle. Scott Free and Big Barda are two of the most well known New Gods. King’s run on the comic modernised their characters and attracted a new audience.

Now, there’s not really much information to go on with this movie at the moment, but with the quality that King is capable of, and his familiarity with the characters, this is sure to be a very well crafted movie.

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