New DC Game ‘Outlaws’ Rumoured To Be In Development

by Philip Clark
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Article by Philip Clark

Over the last few years, DC has worked with two game developers to release the fantastic Arkham series. Word is that they are also in talks to create another video game. This is still just rumor however, as we’ve yet to receive any confirmation from any developer. Although, if the rumors are to be believed, we can expect some news come April 26.

There is also a title floating around: Outlaws.

With this name come all sorts of theories and ideas. The first that comes to mind is, of course, Red Hood and the Outlaws. A game centred around Jason Todd and friends would be fantastic! I’d love an RPG styled game that delves into the grittier side of Gotham, maybe with a good and bad system like Fable had.

Alternatively, it could be a Suicide Squad based game, one that coincides with the release of James Gunn’s film. A team based game would be pretty cool too. One that allows a circulation of different heroes for different missions.

I really hope the rumors are true, as I’d love another fantastic superhero based video game!

There’s even been a “leaked” logo for the title;

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