David Mazouz Talks About Growing Up On ‘Gotham’

by Philip Clark
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Article by Philip Clark

Gotham has been on our TVs for five years. With that kind of longevity comes the growth of actors, on and off the screen. David Mazouz is one such actor.

After being picked to play young Bruce Wayne, the last thing on Mazouz’s mind was donning the cape and cowl.

I was thinking of the fact that most shows never go past the pilot.

Mazouz said in an interview in February in Los Angeles.

Mazouz has really grown into the character of Bruce Wayne throughout the the show’s run. As well this, he’s also grown up off camera as well. Only being 12 years old when he auditioned for the role, Mazouz turned 18 in February this year.

Mazouz has also spoken on his role as Bruce in Gotham and the journey he goes on;

Bruce Wayne in the comic books is not really who Bruce Wayne is on Gotham, in terms of how young he is when he starts his journey becoming Batman. In the fourth season, he kind of fell off the deep end and gave into kind of all teenagers’ deepest temptations. We see him make mistakes, and that’s part of growing up. And I think that is something the show has always taken seriously. I’ve always really tried to bring my own personal experiences into it for that reason, so it is relatable for people who are my age, watching this character grow up.

The show’s finale will fast-forward 10 years. Gotham showrunner John Stephens addressed whether or not it’ll be Mazouz under the cowl. This was his response;

This is going to sound evasive, but I’m going to say yes and no, David is a strapping young man, but our Batman suit is for someone who is 6-4. And yet the face that you see under the cowl is a hundred percent David Mazouz’s face. And we’ll hear David’s voice as well, in his own Batmany growl, I would say.

This indicates that there will be someone else in the Batman boots. Mazouz however, will be giving the character his voice and face. So it begs the question, who will be the physical presence of the Dark Knight himself?

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