Freddy Prinze Jr. as Red Hood Wants to Drive the Batmobile in Comedy Clip

Actor Freddy Prinze Jr. has shared a video where he plays the Red Hood, in a comedy sketch video about driving the Batmobile.

Prinze as Red Hood and Jon Lee Brody as Nightwing sit in a car on a stakeout. After complaining about how trashy their current car is, Nightwing brags about how he drove the Batmobile to a clearly jealous Red Hood.

Check it out below.


Red Hood vs. Nightwing

The joke is that Batman does not care about the Red Hood and treats him like the red-head step-child, whereas Nightwing is Bat-Dad’s favorite.

Brody, Prinze Jr., and fellow actor Clare Grant founded the internet comedy series GEGGHEAD. One of their recurring sketches is Super Stakeout where two characters talk in a car.

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Eric Lee

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