Joey Lawrence Petitions to Play Batman

by Eric Lee
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Actor Joey Lawrence has expressed his interest in playing Batman on social media by starting a petition.

Lawrence starred in the sitcom Melissa and Joey from 2010-2015. Last week, he wrote an Instagram post vying to replace Ben Affleck as Batman in Matt Reeve’s upcoming solo movie.

Lawrence even addressed that he is ready despite no action movie experience. Citing how Chris Pratt was cast as the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy, Lawrence begged Warner Bros. to take a chance on him.

In a separate post, he asked his Instagram followers to sign a petition for him to play Batman. So far, it has garnered nearly 700 signatures.

Can Joey Lawrence Play the Dark Knight?

Unfortunately for Lawrence, the odds are low that he’ll be cast in the role. The actor is 42 years old, which is far out of Reeves’ preferred late-20’s range.

Despite rumors, there are no actors in official talks to play Batman. It seems highly unlikely for Lawrence to be cast. but, then again, stranger things have happened in superhero films.

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