‘The Batman’ Movie is Reportedly Still Untitled

by Sam McTernan
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Bat fans have been faced with a fair amount of uncertainty regarding The Batman movie.

We currently don’t know who will star in the film or when filming is scheduled. Latest reports are now indicating that it doesn’t even have a title.

A tweet regarding the film’s production appears to show this. The unverified report claims the project is working under “Untitled Batman Project”

With earlier reports stating that Matt Reeves was trying to add more spectacle to the movie, does this possible give us reason for the it remaining untitled?

The film’s name may give us new information about the project, so this could be a possible explanation for the lack of title.

There is also the possibility that it’s for a unrelated project? Are we about to see the Dark Knight in something unconnected to The Batman.

Dark Knight News will report on any updates as soon as they happen.

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