Sideshow Unveil Three Incredible New DC Collectibles

by Sam McTernan
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Sideshow Toys have again gifted us with their extraordinary talents. Their ability to bring our beloved DC characters to life is really something uniquely special. Available now for pre-order are not one but three new Bat-Family pieces, All of which are sure to excite any fans of the Dark Knight and his friends!



First up we have this stunning Nightwing statue straight from the pages of Hush. Sculptor Alejandro Pereira has captured Jim Lee’s classic style brilliantly and the twirling Escrima sticks give the feeling that the statue has come to life.


Here we have this phenomenal piece from DC Heavyweight Greg Capullo and Sculptor Adrienne Smith. Fans of Dark Nights: Metal are sure to be excited by this Bryce Wayne Statue, with the flowing hair and cape they really have captured a dark, Atlantean feel. Here’s hoping we get to see more from the Metal family in the future, as this latest offering is terrific.


Finally we have this very fun piece from the creative team of John Timms and Paul Harding. Here we see a very mischievous Harley Quinn in possession of none other than Batman’s Cowl, Cape and utility belt! I think this captures Harley’s personality perfectly and you can really pick up on her unique sense of fun.

Nightwing, Batman the Drowned and Harley Quinn are expected to ship between August and October 2019.

What does everyone out there think? Are these pieces that you’d want in your collections? Let us know.

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