DC Universe Announces Days And Dates That DC Animated Movies Will Be Streaming

by Chris Foti
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With the Titans season finale approaching and Young Justice: Outsiders debuting next month, on top of all of the previous DC movies and TV shows, it is safe it say that the digital platform DC Universe has a lot to offer fans… and that’s just what you can watch. DC Universe also offers a digital library of some of the greatest DC stories on top of other bonus content. As the website says, it truly is the Ultimate DC Membership.

Well, DC’s digital platform is about to get even better. In 2007 DC started creating direct to home video animated movies. Starting with Superman: Doomsday all the way through to this year’s The Death Of Superman there have been 32 films to date. Yesterday, DC announced that not only will all the previous films be made available on DC Universe, but all future animated movies will start streaming the same day they are available on Blu-ray.

The first film that will take advantage of this new system is next month’s Reign Of The Supermen, which will be available both on Blu-ray and on DC Universe on January 29th. Also coming in 2019 will be Justice League vs The Fatal Five and Batman: Hush, which will also be available day and date of their Blu-ray releases.

It seems that the digital version, however, will still be released a couple of weeks earlier. Reign Of The Supermen is scheduled to hit digital stores on January 15th. So if you like to purchase your movies digitally or want to be the very first to see them, this is still an option for you. For everyone else, this is a great addition to the DC Universe app.

If you haven’t joined DC Universe yet, does this entice you to jump on board? Are there any DC animated movies in your backlog that you’re excited to watch with this new feature? Let us know!

While we wait for Reign Of The Supermen and Young Justice: Outsiders next month, you can read our review of the latest Titans episode here.

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