Ella Jay Basco Possible Choice Cast As Cassandra Cain In ‘Birds Of Prey’

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have possibly selected their Cassandra Cain for their upcoming film, Birds of Prey. According to Variety, Ella Jay Basco, an up and coming actress is in negotiations for the movie. She will be playing Cassandra Cain, in the Harley Quinn Spin-off. Basco has previously appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Veep and Superior Donuts.

This is exciting! I’m getting goosebumps. First Ruby Rose, now Ella Jay Basco? It’s amazing, we’re getting the Bat-Women and Bat-girls that we deserve. DC and Warner Bros. are doing a wonderful job of including newer actors and holding true to the comics. For example, the new director of Batgirl; they’ve replaced Joss Whedon with female directors and writers, and that’s not a bad move at all. These changes also show the world that the women in the Dark Knight’s life are powerful and important.

In fact, Batgirl #58, 2005, Batman allows Cain to know she is an option for the cowl. I don’t have a doubt in my mind DC and Warner Bros. will highlight her significance.

No story details have been released, however, the martial-arts expert and ex-assassin will play a vital role in the girl-gang film. The film is rated “R” unsurprisingly. I’m hoping it is for the usual reasons DC movies are rated “R,” following the Suicide Squad rating. They’re sticking to the same level of kick-butt action. There is still a lot to go before the release date, but I’m definitely preparing for darkness, action, and a whole lot of men eating their hearts out!

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Sharna Jahangir

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