Review: Titans #29

by John Hagmann
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“Marooned: Part One”

Writer – Dan Abnett

Art – Minkyu Jung

Unlike previous issues, this time Dan Abnett has allowed each of the Titans to narrate portions of the issue. Picking up from Titans #28, their boom tube has shaken itself apart due to its lack of precise coordinates during a daring escape.

Here in Titans #29, the team finds themselves marooned on a mysterious and toxic planet. Rattled by being overpowered by a new sea villain, the team was on the verge of implosion. Steel attempted to rectify the damage and repair her guilt, as well as the ship. Meanwhile, the team disintegrated as each took their own course to help. Teamwork has been in short supply since Nightwing’s absence. The team has suffered without their fearless leader.  

Most surprisingly, Miss Martian sustained internal injuries during the crash landing. To make matters worse, she blacked out while attempting to attain their location by getting a glimpse of constellations from orbit. After plummeting to the planet’s surface and landing roughly, she gets pummeled by a raging, out-of-control Beast Boy. Unable to maintain her form due to unbearable pain, she mutates into a monstrous, white Martian – her secret open and manifest! Titans #29 ends with a cliffhanger only the next issue can resolve. Will the Titans rally and rebound? Will they devolve even further now that trust is further jeopardized? And, what happened to Tempest? 

Artistically, the issue is beautiful. Cool blur effects transform the shipwreck panels. Adriano Lucas made good use of vibrant colors throughout. Cool blur effects transformed the shipwreck panels from nice to amazing. Also, fun placement of panels added depth and texture to the issue. John Dell’s inks were crisp and clean. The graphics and narrative paired well. Titans #29 ebbed and flowed in a melodic way – action slowed to allow poignant dialogue only to hasten when action necessitated fewer words.


Titans #29 was a nice issue that set the team on a new course. Despite being lost, the Titan’s true enemy lies within. What remains to be seen is whether the team can handle the betrayal of a less-than-trusted Miss Martian. Will she be able to maintain her secret or be exposed? Will her teammates assist or attack? How will the Titans find their way back home and, even then, do they have the might to confront their new enemy, Drogue?

These questions and more remain unanswered. Perhaps answers will become apparent soon? Still, Titans #29 adequately positioned the team for more internal drama. While I enjoy this iteration of the Titans, I am growing weary of its lack of resolution. Raven, Donna, Beast Boy have all been left without closure to major life events. None of the Titans are fully in control of their powers or emotions. Perhaps this is what Abnett desires? Or, maybe, it’s time to move on.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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