Sideshow Unveils “Hush” Huntress Statue

by Adam Ray
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Sideshow are renowned for their excellent statues. They’ve created figures from popular culture, and from every corner of our imagination. Statues of Bat Family members are among some of their most popular.

The sculptors at Sideshow also make artistic representations of Batman characters, such as the nightmarish bat-creature version of Batman. Sometimes these artistic pieces are beautiful. In other instances, we just want perfect representations of Jim Lee’s artistic representations of characters.

The sculptors at Sideshow have teamed up with Prime 1 Studios to make this highly detailed, highly customizable statue of Huntress. She’s sporting Jim Lee’s “Hush” design and has a level of detail I’ve not seen in a statue by these artists so far.

This statue is quite special. The pointed cross ear-rings, and each individual strand of hair makes her all the more realistic. Like many statues by these artists, the ability to customize is abundant. Huntress’ right arm is entirely interchangeable. She can stand holding her staff up close, or lower to her side. In addition, she can brandish a heavy or hand crossbow. We see her use both in Hush, and those are welcome details.

Billowing Cloak

A unique detail on this statue that I have not seen before, is her cape. This cloak, made of real cloth, making it so much more realistic. You’d expect a cloth cape on a statue like this to fall limp behind her, but inside it are strips of malleable metal on the edges which let you pose it in just the right direction of billowing.

This feature is quite unique and I expect to see it a lot more on Sideshow pieces.

As for the statue itself, it’s available for preorder right now, shipping early spring in 2020. There’s plenty of time for us to make shelf space for this unique vision of Huntress.

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