New ‘Titans’ Promo Teases at Dick Grayson’s Origins and Falling Out with Batman

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Whether you wanted it or not, Titans is on its way to your DC universe app. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but at this point, the series is coming, so either embrace or reject it. Like every form of media, you can either choose to watch or don’t. Like a movie going to theatres, you can easily avoid it by simply not subscribing to the service, but the Internet needs to make their opinions known and very loudly so.

Thankfully, there’s at least one aspect of Titans on which most people seem to agree and that’s Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin. He looks the part both in and out of costume. Thankfully, it seems he will be one of the central focuses of the upcoming live-action series.

DC released a brief promo for Robin a couple days ago. The clip hints at both his parents’ passing as well as his troubling falling out with the Bat. The guy seems angry and I’d love to see how they explore that. The last time I remember it being explored in media was in Batman: The Animated Series. It was, of course, wonderfully done, but imagine it free from certain age restrictions. I mean, the man dropped the F-bomb!

Aside from that, we also see just how beautifully this show is shot. The scene with the Graysons’ fall is breathtaking. So at the very least, this show looks particularly expensive and likely shot with more of a cinematic quality in mind than your average TV show.

Take a look:

Aside from the poor choice of music, I’d say I really enjoyed this promo. Batfans, rejoice!

But wait! There’s more!

The other Titans got their own little promos, each obviously outlining their specific stories, with a different tone.

Take a look:

Raven’s promo shows the very least, which was very intentional. While a good chunk of the show will center around Robin and his estrangement with Batman, it seems Raven’s story, as it tends to the case when this character around, will be filling out the overall plot of the show.

The most enjoyable by far is Beast Boy’s, as it shows that the character will remain comedic and light while Robin and Raven will carry the emotional weight of the show. This promo and Raven’s promo seems to show the cracks in the budget. The CGI seems to be of lower quality than a film, but it’s acceptable. Also, some of you guys will rejoice at the amount of male nudity that this show will be exhibiting.

The most contentious character so far is Starfire. Fans are simply NOT happy with this incarnation of the character. While I personally do not like her overall look, I’m still willing to give it its trial run. While this promo shows a lot more than Raven’s, it’s obvious that they’re going to explore Starfire’s (hopefully) Tamaranean background. Overall, I don’t have much to say about this promo. It’s the least interesting of the bunch and that is not because of Anna Diop nor will I find her on social media to blame her for my issues with the show’s portrayal of the character.

Titans premieres on the DC universe streaming app on October 12.

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