Review: Archie Meets Batman ’66 #3

by Kendra Hale
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Archie Meets Batman ‘66 Issue #3

Writers: Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci

Artist: Dan Parent


Things are certainly heating up in Riverdale as more and more of the villains’ nefarious plot is revealed in this issue of Archie meets Batman ’66. We come back to Riverdale to find that not only are the villains of Gotham trying to use mind control on the adults in Riverdale, they have their eyes on expanding their empire. Even Jughead gets caught up in the chaos when he and The Joker meet face to face!

All work and no cheeseburgers equals chaos

With Pops’ place as a base of operations the villains are basically using the adults for pawns while the plot on the grander scheme of things. While the kids are slightly concerned with this predicament, it doesn’t stop them from having a good time at a pool party. It is there that both Dick and Barbara notice the gravity of the situation themselves, when Veronica’s Dad arrives and he has a mind control device in his Umbrella!

While well this is going on, Batman has his own problems to deal with, as he chases down and defeats Book Worm and his buffoons. It remains to be seen if he can make it to Robin and Batgirl in time to help save Riverdale in time!


This issue marries nostalgia art and episodes feel of the TV episodes beautifully. I go back to being a kid and watching Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward. The writing is absolutely on point for both series as Archie feels just right as well. The art is beautiful and I would swear I wasn’t reading a book but watching an episode, waiting so patiently to see what will happen next.
Between the writing team and the artists this issue perfectly follows on from the previous two for me and is a joy to read. Dan Parent’s art is highly detailed and when paired with inks and colors the meticulous details truly shine.                                                             Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment And Archie Comics

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