‘The Room’ Actors Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero “Star” In ‘The Dark Knight’

by Sharna Jahangir
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All right, boys and girls. Memes and DC Comics are about to collide, please make way.

The charming star of The Room, Tommy Wiseau showed an interest in the Batman universe when Joaquin Phoenix was announced as the Star in the upcoming stand-alone Joker film. He even went as far as to release an audition tape for the Joker back in February.

The Nerdist now presents us their own rendition of the famous interrogation scene from The Dark Knight starring Tommy Wiseau as the Joker and Greg Sestero as Batman. They perform in place of the iconic Heath Ledger (Joker) and Christian Bale (Batman).

The rendition is a pretty epic and hilarious piece. Wiseau is great at over-dramatizing, which fits an eerie, more animated, version of the Joker perfectly. I love that he’s performing this like a Shakespearean play. I am sure as the Joker, he would succeed at making you laugh at least. The make-up and costumes are not bad at all, but Wiseau later admits that he could not play the role due to his volatile personality:

I can’t play the Joker, they wanted to do another one. Because I don’t want to say negative [things] about actors, but I go by emotion. Meaning that my background as stage actor, getting into the emotion, what you can feel through The Room as well, all the progress for what I did. Sometimes they don’t let me, they say “Too much emotion.”

Check out the performance below and tell us, did he nail it?

Joker stars three-time Academy nominee, Joaquin Phoenix and will be directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover and Due Date). The film is set for release on October 4th, 2019.

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