‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ Credits Scene Hints At A Return

by Chris Foti
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Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is officially out and is a critical success, currently sitting at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. While the Audience Score isn’t quite as favorable, let’s remember that this is a children’s movie and they probably aren’t on Rotten Tomatoes posting their reviews.

As a children’s movie, based on a children’s show, Teen Titans Go! is a great introduction to the DC Universe for kids, especially when other DC content is aimed at more mature audiences.

Ever since Iron Man in 2008, it’s been sort of a tradition for a comic book film to include a mid or end credits scene to tease what’s next for fans. Other franchises, including the DC on Film Universe (DCEU isn’t the official name!), have started doing this too.

With five television seasons and now a feature film under its belt, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies has it’s own universe it can build off of, and so they too included two credits scene for fans. 

Spoilers below for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies!

The first scene is a great nod to fans of the Titans, as the screen starts to get distorted and wavy and then what appears to be a home movie starts to play of the original team from the 2000’s Teen Titans show. A portal then opens in the middle of the screen and the team looks out and Robin says “We may have found another way to come back.”

Obviously, this is a bombshell of a tease for fans. We reported last month that voice actress Tara Strong (Raven) let fans know via a Tweet that she was told if there was enough support for the TTGO movie they would make a Season 6 of Teen Titans. 

Perhaps she knew about the credits scene all along? Or perhaps this was something the studio made last minute. Either way, it seems like the original show is coming back.

An upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go! is called “Tower Renovation” and will deal with the aftermath of the events of the movie. It’s possible that the episode might deal with this portal and act as a back door reboot of the original Teen Titans show, but we’ll just have to wait until August 13th to find out.

With the credits scenes, it has become the norm the past few years to have one scene that teases the future and one that’s more for laughs, and this film delivered on that, as well.

The after-credits scene revolves around the Challengers of the Unknown. The film’s plot revolves around the Titans learning they’re the last ones to get a superhero movie, with teams like the Challengers getting one before them. In order to sneak into a movie premiere, Raven portals the Challengers out of their seats and into limbo.

After the credits, the Challengers float back into view across the black screen and their leader, Kyle “Ace” Morgan” proclaims he believes they missed the motion picture.

While the second credits scene is just for fun, the mid-credits scene is a huge announcement for fans and brilliant marketing by DC and WB to relaunch Teen Titans.

How you excited to see it return? And if you’ve seen Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, let us know what you thought!

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