Review: Harley Quinn 2024 Annual

by Kendra Smart
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“Now You Sea Me, Now You Die”
Writer/Artist: Erica Henderson
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review By: Kendra Smart

The Harley Quinn 2024 Annual is out this week and what a fun and quirky ride it is. We get a story crafted by Erica Henderson, who packs a triple whammy providing story, art, and colors. Then Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou comes in with his tremendous talent for lettering.

A vacation’s definitely what’s on a lot of people’s minds lately!

The main cover by Erica Henderson features adorable artwork with a fashion flair. It reminds me of the 90s gossip mags, like Teen Vogue, that featured the latest affordable trends with price point breakdowns. Of course, if Zatanna’s featured, then I’m already a fan.

“Ma’am, This Is An Active Crime Scene.” 

Our story starts, as so many of Harley’s adventures do, with her thinking deeply. After a heist, Harley begins to ponder as each of the participants discuss what to do with their cut. What will Harley do? Go on a cruise, sent off with love and good advice by Ivy?

What follows is a fun, quirky, magical murder mystery on the high seas. Harley meets up with, not only Zatanna, but there are a few cameos along the way. She learns that everyone deserves a vacation sometimes, and also that seasickness is contagious given the right circumstances. She and Zatanna should watch their step!

The Days Of Our Lives

There’s so much to love about this comic. In the second story,“Now You Sea Me, Now You Die”, one main theme is the perception of what is normal. I love how diverse this theme is and how Erica Henderson chooses to examine this concept beautifully and is a master of hilarious details. Readers are provided with so many moments of laughter.

There are many treasures throughout this book that take place either through visuals or through the engagement of the reader. While Harley, of course, is at the center of the show, I do appreciate how each of the cameo characters also shines, given proper time for their part in the adventure to play out. Erica Henderson and Hassan Otsman-Elhaou have definitely delivered a wonderful adventure.


The Harley Quinn 2024 Annual is a lovely addition to the Harley universe. I’d definitely recommend it to relieve any blues.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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