Review: DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special

by Adam Ray
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Even super villains need a summer vacation.
With this new special from DC, we get to see how the nefarious side of the comics universe spends the hottest months of the year. This 80 page single issue features ten short stories from villains big and small, having a roaring fun time on their holidays.
Discussing it, DC themselves say:
It’s summertime in the DCU and the bad guys are taking over! Beat the heat with 10 all-new stories by top comics talent starring DC’s most spectacular super-villains! In this issue, find out what Mr. Freeze does on the hottest day of the Gotham City summer! Learn what made Grodd such a bad gorilla! Then, while in a small beach town, Deathstroke gets hired for murder by the last person he’d expect! And The Joker and Bizarro team up for a truly weird summer bromance!

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As you read these stories, you can see how most of them contain very relatable vacation activities. The Joker can see his friend Bizarro, in cosplay, and attack the waterfront. Though we wouldn’t be quote as hostile, a cosplay meet is something many fans do.

Mister Freeze can enjoy some shaved ice from a roadside van just like everybody in a 107° Gotham can. Giganta has an awkward time coming back home. The Penguin thinks back on a summer crush and the troubles he faced getting himself beach body ready.


It’s hot out. It’s very easy to get sluggish and sticky in this weather. Find somewhere cool, kick back, and let your mind expand in some harmless fun. Well, until the Owl Man story on Earth 3.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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