The Sins of ‘Justice League: Dark’

by Chris Foti
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YouTube Channel CinemaSins is known for breaking down movies and exposing their “Sins.” They say that no movie is without sin and it’s their job to remind us of that. Every Tuesday and Thursday they post new videos exposing a movie’s sins.

With almost 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion views, it’s safe to say people like what they do. Some videos are more legitimate, breaking down bad movies, while others are there for laughs.

The newest movie to be broken down by CinemaSins is the DC Animated Movie Justice League: Dark. One of the 4 R-Rated animated films DC has released, Justice League: Dark came out in 2017 to generally positive reviews.

As you can see from the video below, that clocks in at 13 minutes 23 seconds, the sins range from nitpicking, to common sense, to legitimate. For example, with DC movies not being in a great space among general audiences, it took hits just for being a DC movie. But then, it’ll point out in a poker hand two players were drawn a 7 of diamonds, which could never happen.

As a fellow DC fan, I know what it’s like wanting to defend the things we love. While this video likes to take its digs at the movie, remember that it is all in good fun.

Take a look at the sins of Justice League: Dark!

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