‘BTAS’ Bane Figure Releases As A Limited Edition

by Eric Lee
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The Mondo Shop released a limited run of the Batman: The Animated Series styled Bane figure.

This version’s based on the original BTAS design, nnot to be confused with his later (and much cooler) redesign for The New Adventures of Batman. Here, we get Bane in his luchador-masked glory. Honestly, this figure is the best-looking 3-D interpretation of the cartoon design to date.

Bane’s built at 1:6 scale. If you don’t know what that entails, this means Bane stands at a massive 13.2 inches tall! So he’s not a typical 6 or 7-inch scale figure. This guy is a beefy collectible! Speaking of collectibility, he also comes with a ton of accessories.

Bane has a number of alternate heads; teeth-gritting angry, serious, and mouth-open yelling. He also comes with three pairs of hands. Two of them are half-opened/grabbing varieties, while the last pair features closed fists. Additionally, we have a crushed Batarang, a dumbbell, and a figure stand with the Batman logo as the base.

The figure has 14 points of articulation- including the double-jointed knees for extra movement in the legs.

With such a giant list of features and accessories, Bane does not come cheap. Mondo lists him at an equally huge $220.

Special Timed Edition Bane

There is a wrinkle, however. The Mondo Shop’s putting two versions of Bane out; one is the aforementioned regular edition, but there’s also a special timed edition that comes with even more accessories. We get an alternate torso where Bane goes into Venom overdose mode. This is impressive, as it has his eyes popping out of his mask, his body is ‘roided out with veins all over, and his arm has a damaged Venom modulator panel.

Additionally, you have another alternate unmasked head and a separate mask accessory for Batman to hold up victoriously.  The special timed edition is $245.

The preorder sale started on 4/26 and will last until 4/29 at noon, Central Standard Time. This means that if you want it,  you only have a few hours to get it, Dark Knight News fans!

If you do have time to spare, you can pre-order the special timed edition using this link. If you just want the standard version, that can be pre-ordered here.

Source: Mondoshop.com

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