Richard Armitage on When he was Considered for Batman Before Batfleck

Back in 2013, the Internet went insane knowing that the bad live-action Daredevil was going to be our new Batman. Ben Affleck was cast and most comic book fans were not happy about it. Since then, however, he has silenced most people, turning out one of the best performances of a live-action Batman to date.

However, let’s go back to 2013, when the emerging DC cinematic universe still had hope. That was when Miley Cyrus was still a little insane (She’s thankfully calmed down a bit) and people were obsessed with Candy Crush (Has that calmed down?). We knew Batman was going to be back on the big screen after Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and we were extremely anxious about the man who will eventually don the cape and cowl.

On the shortlist that year, one of the names on that list eventually became Thanos and Cable, while another has recently spoken up about that time period. Richard Armitage, the man who brought Thorin Oakenshield’s subdued head nod acknowledgement to life in the Hobbit trilogy, was one of the 5-6 considered for the role.

“Quite a Process”

Recently, he spoke with Digital Spy regarding almost being cast. It seems all those names bandied about were not simply rumors, but accurate. I always believed it was hearsay because Affleck wasn’t on the list and he was cast. Apparently, the actors actually tested for the role and all went through a long process to be considered for that shortlist.

Armitage said, “There was a little flurry once upon a time just after I’d come out of The Hobbit where I auditioned for Batman. It was at the same time that Christian Bale was leaving, there were about five or six actors that were in line for that character, so I went through quite a process with that.”

“Quite a process” seems to mean a yearlong ordeal. The list came out in summer of 2013 and the Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012. Principal photography on The Hobbt: The Battle of Five Armies finished in 2012 as well. It’s interesting to note how long these things take to reach the public. Also, it’s great to see that WB took their time casting the character and did not rush it.

The character of Bruce Wayne still resonates a bit with him too. He comments on Bruce, “The sort of darker side of a man, and the desire to right some wrongs… I think it’s really interesting, that character Bruce Wayne.

I enjoy his reverence for the character and I’m curious as to what he would bring to the role.

A bit of validation

The article would go on to comment on his role as Wolverine in Marvel’s scripted podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night.

Overall, it seems the theatre actor is enthusiastic about comic book movies and characters in general. It’s such a great climate in the movie industry for us fans when any actor in the biz wants to get in a comic book movie. It’s validation.

He may not be playing the live-action Batman any time soon after rumors that Matt Reeves’ Batman will be younger, but I wouldn’t mind him taking on the role in a future animated project.

What do you think? How do you think Armitage would fare as the Batman, live-action or otherwise? Personally, I don’t recognize him without his dwarf beard, so a voice role is the right way for me.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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