Rogues And ‘Rangs – The Newest Sideshow Collectibles Unveiled

The creators at Sideshow Collectibles keep very high standards, and are bringing out new pieces of art, almost constantly. Their statues can go between looking iconic, and taking brand new looks at characters we all love. That’s why I love it when they do something very new even from them.

These letter openers wouldn’t go amiss on Batman’s belt. That’s right, they’re letter openers. I work in an office, so seeing Batman stationary not intended for ages 6+ is  very exciting. The first is based on the Arkham games, and has the same shiny, sharp edges, but you only get one, they’re not infinite like in the game. The second is just like Ben Affleck’s, with the same angles and squat bat ears, resembling the same brand of the unfortunate criminals.

Both are made of metal, with Batfleck’s looking more weathered. The craftsmen at Sideshow really hammer it home that it these are specifically letter openers, though they’d probably make great cosplay props. Stay safe, kids!

A Rogues Gallery

It wouldn’t be Sideshow without beautiful statues. The two newest releases feature striking designs of characters just how we know and love them.

Catwoman is back to her old tricks. Joëlle Jones designed her sitting on a safe she’s ready to crack. She’s reclined and relaxed much like a cat. The cocksure smile and wide eyes make her look intriguing and dangerous.

The image of the Joker on the cover of Killing Joke is probably the most iconic and recognisable shot of the character in all of comics, alongside the moment he emerges from the pipe and bursts into laughter. Both images are from The Killing Joke and were illustrated by Brian Bolland.

The designers at Sideshow credit Bolland for the art design of this perfect representation of the Joker. The garish smile and camera up close match perfectly with the loose stance and billowing coat. He’s carefree and relaxed while taking these pictures, and that makes him all the more sinister.

Opening your mail in style can finally be something bat fans can aspire to. Find the Batarangs on Sideshow, along with these two limited edition figures. I’m sure that they’ll sell out soon.

Adam Ray

Adam Ray

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