Director Chris McKay Gives Another ‘Nightwing’ Update

by Chris Foti
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A couple of weeks ago, Chris McKay teased that there would be an update on the first ever solo Nightwing film that he is slated to direct. He said in his tweet that we should be expecting something around Valentine’s Day, but it appears that he has decided to give us our bouquet of flowers early.

In a week where a lot of superhero movie news dropped, including rumors of Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker in the solo film, a Lobo film being directed by Michael Bay, along with Deadpool 2 and Venom trailers, Geek Vibes Nation tweeted out saying that we needed an update on Nightwing now. Chris McKay saw the tweet and didn’t disappoint.

McKay lets us know that the script is expected to be finished very soon to show the studio and that it is going to be a very long process and that they are taking their time. He repeats this is going to be a very “LONG” process, so don’t expect any casting news in the near future. However, it seems like that isn’t stopping him from brainstorming ideas.

In another tweet in the same day, McKay made a poll asking fans what the most important quality they would look for in an actor playing Nightwing. Recognizable movie star, a badass martial artist, romani, or vulnerable/emotional.

Currently, “a badass martial artist” is pretty handily in the lead, with two more days left to vote.

While we are still a long ways away from the first solo Nightwing film, it’s still great to see McKay so engaged and excited about bringing the project to light. It really seems like he’s focusing on making the best Nightwing story he can, rather than trying to fit it into the sandbox that is the DC Extended Universe for continuity purposes. Like McKay says at the end of his tweet, it truly is an exciting year ahead.

Based on McKay’s poll, what quality would you look for most if you were casting Nightwing? Any actors in mind? Let us know!

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