DC Nation #0: DC Gives Fans Sneak Peek At Hot Events Of 2018

by Steve J Ray
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2018 is going to be a huge year for Batman, and for DC Comics as a whole. How big? The publisher behind the Dark Knight sent a press release unveiling DC Nation #0. This will be a full, brand new comic, setting us on the path towards the future.

The DC Nation preview gives us the inside track:

Twenty-Five Cent Sampler Comic Book Features Stories from DC’s Hottest Writers Available May 2
Book Includes Preview of Free DC NATION Fan Magazine, Debuting June 6

All Across The DC Nation

BURBANK, CA – February 1, 2018. Boasting three of the most popular comics writers, DC is getting a jump on Free Comic Book Day (May 5) to let fans in on all the excitement in store for the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. On Wednesday, May 2, DC NATION #0, a 32-page comic book, will be available at comic book retailers at a cover price of $0.25 (free via digital download). DC NATION #0 spotlights events from Scott Snyder, Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis, all best-selling, celebrated authors.

With the unbelievable conclusion to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL paving the way for the JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE weekly series (with James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and artist Francis Manapul). Fans will be clamoring for more information on what kind of wild, roller-coaster ride Snyder and crew have planned next. Artist Jorge Jiménez (SUPER SONS) joins Snyder, Tynion IV and Williamson for a preview of just how big the Justice League’s next challenge will be when JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE begins May 9.

The Joke’s On Batman

In a Batman story by Tom King and Clay Mann, The Joker gets word about the Bat/Cat wedding, and he’s not happy. With thiis story reaching its climax in BATMAN #50 on sale July 4, Joker will be the wedding guest that speaks now and never holds his peace.

From the return of the trademark red trunks, to the debut of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis in ACTION COMICS #1000 in April, the future for Superman couldn’t shine any brighter. Bendis, along with legendary artist José Luis García-López, is also contributing an all-new story to DC NATION #0. This will be a prelude to his highly anticipated MAN OF STEEL weekly miniseries debuting May 30.

Fans will also get a sneak preview of DC’s new promotional magazine DC NATION. This free, full-sized magazine will be the perfect place for fans to get the latest news DC news. It arrives at comic book retailers and digital download on June 6. For more news on DC, check out the website at www.DCComics.com or visit the DC YouTube channel.

Excited yet? Follow the links for more news, and pre-order your free digital download of DC Nation #0 now! I’m going to.

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