White House Tweets About Batman Mix-Up

by Eric Lee
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In a “politically-charged” Batman story, a White House official tweeted about using an Echo to accidentally buying a Batman toy.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders used her official White House Twitter account to share an anecdote about buying a Batman action figure.

The press secretary groused how the Amazon smart speaker Echo caught Hackabee-Sanders’s two-years-old son repeatedly shouting “Batman” in their house. The Amazon AI Alexa the subsequently proceeded to buy a rather pricey Batman figure off of Amazon.

And not just any Batman action figure, but the ultra-expensive Square Enix’s Batman figure.

Lessons in AI Devices

It is not all bad for the beleaguered press secretary.  The retail price for the figure is $127. On Amazon, she is “only” paying $79.99 for it. What a deal!

Some responses questioned the appropriateness of using her official White House Press Secretary Twitter account to discuss trivial annoyances. And then there is the troubling idea of a high-ranking government official owning what is essentially a legally-made listening device recording all of her personal conversations. Perhaps the US president will take that as a matter of national security.

The Batman figure will be delivered to the Huckabee-Sanders household on Tuesday, January 16th.

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