‘Batman’ Returns to Netflix in 2018

by Steven Conroy
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As of January the 1st, the classic Batman movies are back on Netflix.

As is customary every month with Netflix, the line up is reviewed and new content added while some is removed. To ring in the new year for Bat-Fans, the streaming service has added the classic Bat-Movies to its library.

However, this all depends on where you live, it may get a little confusing so try and follow along.

Along with the classic movies, Batman Begins is also available in the US but Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises are not. However, if you go to the Australian Netflix site, they have both available to watch but Batman Begins is missing. Adding to the confusion, the Australian site only has Tim Burton’s original and does not offer Returns, Forever or and Robin. You can watch Young Justice and Teen Titans GO!, but not in the US.

Can I watch every Batman movie on Netflix?

Watch Batman on Netflix

Obviously, rights issues are different across these regions so while it is possible to watch all the movies, including Batman v Superman, you would need multiple accounts across multiple regions to be able to access them all. Even the Bat-Computer may have trouble keeping track of all those accounts.

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