Gary Clark Jr. Releases Behind the Scenes Clip of Recording ‘Come Together’ for ‘Justice League’

We’ve had about 3 trailers for Justice League thus far. One of the more subtantial ones was released back in July, at Comic-Con. It was a monstrous 4-minute clip featuring a lot of a new footage and a great cover of The Beatles hit, “Come Together.”

Check it out here:

The cover was recorded by Blues musician Gary Clark Jr., whose career has afforded him the opportunity to share the stage with several musical legends. Yesterday, he released a very quick clip of himself in the studio recording his cover for “Come Together.” In it, the very first thing he says is “Batman is my favorite superhero of all time.” That’s all it took to capture my interest.

“Here come old flat-top…”

As a huge Beatles fan, I fully approved of and enjoyed his cover of “Come Together.” However, I think that song is so good that you can’t mess it up. As a Batfan, I like Clark as a person. Batman is such a good character, that you can’t be a bad person and like the character, right? In it, he recalls a few fond memories as a child where he wanted to be the Batman. Yeah, I’m convinced he’s a good person. The clip is only 34 seconds, so hopefully, we receive a longer clip in the Justice League home media release.

Gary Clark Jr.’s cover of “Come Together” was eventually released as a single and peaked at #22 on the Billboard Mainstream charts.

Justice League hit theatres on November 17, 2017.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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