‘Justice League’ Director Promises a Month of BTS

The latest installment in the DC Cinematic Universe Justice League is due in November and despite Zack Snyder leaving the project back in May, he still looms large over the film. Last week, news broke that he will be receiving sole credit as ‘Director’ and now he has updated his Vero account with a promise to fans.

 “Over the next month stay tuned for exclusive BTS photos from JL #JusticeLeague”.

Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League

Promoting the Justice League

Zack was very vocal and public leading into the release of Batman v Superman in 2016, but with the recent loss of his daughter, it may be possible Snyder will promote the movie more on social media than in the public eye.

He has shared a few pictures on his account during his absence from the production. A couple of months back he shared an image from Batman v Superman known as ‘The Knightmare Batman‘ and an image of Batman’s Justice League suit.

While the image itself doesn’t show anything from the actual movie, it is a sure sign that Zack will be on hand to promote it in some way. It is rare that a director doesn’t, especially on a movie of this scale. It will be interesting to see what extent Snyder goes to as far as appearances and interviews.

Justice League will be released on November 17th 2017.


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