Three Years After Filming the Scene, Zack Snyder Shares Photo from “Knightmare” Sequence in ‘Batman v Superman’

by Steven Conroy
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Three years ago, Zack Snyder filmed a scene that would define his 2016 movie Batman v Superman, the Knightmare sequence.

The film went on to divide fans and critics but the dream / vision known as The Knightmare was considered a highlight. This scene introduced the audience to an apocalyptic future where Batman faced off against a Superman who was out of control.

The Knightmare seemed to foreshadow what was to come in the DC Extended Universe. Armored Parademons and a giant Omega symbol burned into the ground teased an impending threat of Darkseid.

It is unknown if we will see the original plans for Snyder’s Knightmare with all the reported reshoots currently taking place.

We may not see The Knightmare again, but Ben Affleck will be donning a new outfit this November in Justice League, the tactical suit.

To celebrate three years since the filming of this now iconic scene, Zack Snyder has taken to social media platform Vero to share another look at Ben Affleck in full costume as The Knightmare.

The Knightmare Batman

'Knightmare' Batman

Ben Affleck as ‘Knightmare’ Batman

Ayman Hariri, Vero CEO, also shared a picture giving us yet another look at Affleck in this iconic scene

BTS Knightmare Batman

Vero CEO poses with Ben Affleck



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