‘Justice League’ Metalfigs On The Way

by Ryan Lower
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Justice League is going metal.

The Hollywood Reporter unveiled today new figures set to hit store shelves later this year. From Jada Toys, the figs are metal and are small versions of our favorite Justice League characters: Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Take a look below.

Each figure will be released in a 2.5″ size, costing $4.99. If you want to go bigger, 4″ versions of Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash will also be available for $9.99. The Metalfigs will be on sale at major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and TRU as well as online via Amazon. The Wonder Woman figures are already available, with the rest of the League coming this fall.

A few pieces to note here. While nobody should be shocked by the inclusion of Superman following his “death” in Batman v Superman, it’s cool to see his suit is remaining the same/similar. Whether that’s the case or not for the movie, we’ll have to wait and see. Speaking of suits, Batman’s appears a little different to what we’ve been shown thus far. The reflective silver pieces shine, making me pumped for a live-action view.

Justice League is set for a November 17 release.

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