Rocksteady Celebrates Two Year Anniversary of ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

by Chris Foti
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Yesterday, June 23rd, 2017, marked the two year anniversary that Batman: Arkham Knight was released by Rocksteady Studios on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Continuing the story of Arkham Origins, Asylum, and City, with the Joker gone, there is a power vacuum in Gotham.  Scarecrow has returned from his injuries from Arkham Asylum to make Gotham City bend to his will through fear.  Working with the Scarecrow is a mysterious new villain going by Arkham Knight, who is leading Scarecrow’s army, and only the Dark Knight himself can stop them.

While the game received overall positive feedback from fans and critics, it is considered by many as the weakest entry by Rocksteady, focusing too much on tank combat with the Batmobile and a predictable storyline regarding the Arkham Knight.  However, it did have some great moments such as how they used the Joker, Barbara Gordon’s storyline, and everything that had to do with Scarecrow.

To celebrate its two year anniversary, Rocksteady Studios shared some early box art for the game.

“Today it’s two whole years since the release of Batman: #ArkhamKnight! As a special thanks to our fans, here’s an exclusive look at some of the early concepts we produced for the game’s box art.”

Personally, I think the shot of Batman kneeling down in front of the Batmobile would’ve made for the best cover art.

Ever since the game’s release and subsequent DLC (downloadable content), Rocksteady has been pretty tight lipped about their next project.  So it is unclear whether they will be continuing Batman’s story in the Arkhamverse, move on to another superhero, or do a Justice League game, as has been rumored.

It’s also possible that we could see WB Montreal, the studio behind the often forgot Arkham Origins, either continue the story or make another game that takes place between Origins and Asylum.

Myself and DKN’s own Adam Poncharoensub gave our arguments for and against WB Montreal’s Arkham Origins during the holidays last year.

What do you think readers?  Do you prefer any of the early concept box art, or are you happy with what we got?  And where do you think Rocksteady takes the Arkham franchise from here?

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