Review: Batman #15

by Eric Lee
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“Rooftops” Part 2



Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mitch Gerads

Minor Spoilers Ahead!



Tom King spins an intricate tale about Batman and Catwoman’s relationship, while answering some long-standing plot threads.

After many issues of build-up, King finally reveals the secret behind Catwoman’s alleged crimes. While it certainly puts long-time fans at ease to hear the truth behind Catwoman, it is a fairly predictable answer. It also does not help that the explanation is frustratingly brief that ends in an abrupt, open-ended way. All of this ultimately leads to an unsatisfying reveal.

But the real focus here is how Batman and Catwoman interact and play off of each other. And that is where King’s script shines the most. Last issue was praised for bringing thought-to-be-lost pieces of continuity back into the official canon. This issue gives a flashback sequence that integrates both Catwoman’s historical first appearance in the original Batman #1 and Frank Miller’s interpretation of her from the Year One storylineIt is a clever piece of continuity weaving that seamlessly blends a lot of Batman history into a cohesive mix that would make Grant Morrison proud.

Furthermore, King very much takes the Batman and Catwoman relationship into familiar, yet fresh territory. He takes the classic “Is she bad? Is she good?” dynamic and gives it a tweak that makes it different from previous comics about Batman and Catwoman. There is a villain in the comic, but the real conflict is lies within that classic trope. In a way, the resolution to that storyline is satisfying.

Mitch Gerad’s art continues to really shine in this issue. The comic flashbacks in the beginning of the comic really allow Gerads to stretch his drawing muscles as he channels both Jerry Robinson’s old school style and David Mazzucchelli’s gritty look. It is brief, but it showcases what a versatile artistic talent Gerads is.

The enjoyment of this issue depends on what preconceived expectations you have going into it. If you read it in hopes of a comprehensive answer to the Catwoman plot line, then you might be slightly disappointed. But if you read it to see a deep exploration of Batman and Catwoman’s connection and wonderful art, then you will appreciate the issue.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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