Tom Holland Thinks Batman Would Lose to Spider-Man

Tom Holland Thinks Batman Would Lose to Spider-Man Dark Knight News

It’s a good time to be a comic book fan. With DC and Marvel pushing comic book-related content out into the mainstream media at a rapid rate, being a geek has never been so cool! With a number of films slated for release over the next few years from both companies, there are two in particular that have all comic book fans excited more than any others. Those two are Ben Affleck’s solo Batman outing and Spider-Man: Homecoming – both of which are generating huge amounts of buzz right now.

If you have any kind of internet access, you will have no doubt seen or heard about the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming that aired last Thursday night. Not too long afterwards, star Tom Holland took to Facebook for a live Q&A, where he talked about the upcoming film and – much to everyone’s surprise – his opinion on Ben Affleck as Batman. Specifically, Tom Holland thinks that Spider-Man could beat Batman in a fight. You can check out the full quote below, or view the moment at 21:17 of the video on the Spider-Man Facebook page.

“It’s funny. My best friend Harrison loves Batman. Right. He’s obsessed with Batman. For years, we have had an argument that who would win in a fight: Spider-Man or Batman. And the best thing is now, I can say, ‘Dude, I know that Spider-Man would win in a fight.’ And he’s like, ‘How would you know that?’ I went, ‘Because I am Spider-Man. I am. Like, I’m actually him, so I win’. And then he was like, ‘So you think you could beat up Ben Affleck?’ I’m like, ‘Nah. Probably no’. You know, probably not. That guy’s big. I’d probably throw a quick jab in there. I probably couldn’t even reach him; you know? [Throws a jab]. I mean, what? He’s like 6’4″? He’s tall. He’s a tall guy. I’m a big fan of Ben’s, though. I’m really excited for the new movie, man. It’s going to be awesome.”

While it’s unlikely we will ever see a fight between Batman and Spider-Man any time in the future, there have been two instances where the pair have teamed up. First, in 1995’s Spider-Man and Batman, and then again in 1997’s Batman and Spider-Man, with each issue published by Marvel and DC respectively.

This was during a time when Marvel and DC would frequently do inter-company team-up issues. Sadly, those days are behind us. If you are interested in the scientific answer as to who would win, YouTube channel “ScrewAttack!” published a video breaking down both characters and their abilities, you can find it found here.

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