DCEU Jokerized Batman Brought to Life by Cosplayer

by S Theodore
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If you enjoyed the Hot Toys figure that was released this year depicting Jared Leto’s Joker in a Ben Affleck-style Batsuit that had been Jokerized, you’re in luck. A cosplayer in Russia decided to take it as inspiration and bring the design to real life.

The sixth scale collectible was notable because images were teased at San Diego Comic-Con before the film Suicide Squad premiered, causing many to wonder if Leto would be dressed this way in the film at some point. However, no footage was released showing the Clown Prince in this attire, leaving it just in the minds of fans. Until a dedicated costumer pulled off two personas in one. Shown in the Instagram user’s photos are the Joker’s capped teeth and Batman’s short ears, an accurate depiction of the new film versions.



This cosplayer has been making the rounds as the new Harlequin of Hate for some time now, but only recently combined the World’s Greatest Detective as well.

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