James Remar To Join ‘Gotham’

by Chris Foti
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Actor James Remar will be joining Fox’s hit drama Gotham as Frank Gordon, the uncle to Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon.

With Season 3 well under way, there has been no date announced for when Remar will be debuting on the show, but we do know it will be a recurring role.  The character is said to be a master at double-teaming and knows how to keep a secret safe.  Frank Gordon became estranged to Jim after the boy’s father died in a car crash, but now he is back to reconnect with his nephew.  However, Frank has some secrets of his own, and one of them will threaten Jim’s worldview.  The secret’s revelation will force Jim to decide what’s more important: his family or his city.

Although Jim Gordon is one of Batman’s greatest friends and allies, there isn’t a whole lot we know about his extended family.  Depending on continuity and writing, he is usually married or divorced and has his daughter Barbara.  Other than that, we know very little about what else is going on in the Gordon family.

With Gotham already in pretty uncharted waters by telling the early detective days of Jim Gordon, while Bruce Wayne is fresh off his parents murders and starting his own journey, it’s no surprise that they decided to add some more depth to the character of Gordon.

If there is one thing we do know about Gordon, it’s that he loves his family and he loves his city, otherwise why would he risk his life in such a corrupt and infested town trying to clean it up and protect it?  That’s why I find the secret that Uncle Frank will have so interesting, as it seems like something that’ll resonate with Jim for the rest of his life.

The newest Gotham episode “Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster” will air on Monday, November 28th on Fox.

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