‘Justice League’ Commissioner Gordon, Flash, and Cyborg Reveals!

by Chris Foti
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What a Batman Day it’s been.  Not only do we get discounts off Batman media on the iTunes Store as well as a new Top 10 Batman moments to debate over at DC All Access, but now we have the first reveal of Commissioner Jim Gordon, as well as full costume reveals for the Flash and Cyborg in Justice League.

Earlier today, Zack Snyder sent out a tweet of himself standing in front of the Bat-signal to recognize Batman Day.

It’s good to see the Bat-signal up and running again after Superman threw Batman through it during their fight in Batman v Superman.  Snyder then followed this up with the first look of DCEU’s Commissioner Jim Gordon:

What a great shot!  If you look closely you can tell he has the patented Jim Gordon mustache and glasses.  They definitely have nailed the Jim Gordon look and with J.K. Simmons’ acting chops. Gary Oldman might have some competition for best on-screen Gotham Commissioner in the future.  Side note: Based on the puddles, it doesn’t look as if the weather has improved in Gotham.

Not to be outdone, however, is Ironhead Studio, one of the most prevalent costume design companies in Hollywood. Their work can be seen as recently as in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where they designed the costumes for Superman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg. Earlier today, they posted on their Instagram of their final work of the Flash and Cyborg costumes.



The Flash costume seen in the photo is clearly from the Knightmare scene in Batman v Superman, when he’s reaching through a portal telling Bruce that “Lois is the key.”  It even has the helmet that lifts up just before Barry starts to speak.  The Cyborg costume is more interesting.

First of all, we already know that Ray Fisher’s costume is going to be used with VFX since he has been seen acting with a mo-cap suit.  So these costumes might just be for reference for the VFX team. Also, we have not seen that Cyborg suit before.  The Cyborg costume in the Justice League reveal footage at Comic-Con looks newer/shinier with less armor, as if Victor Stone had recently gone through the transformation, and we were able to see his face (well, most of it). This makes me wonder if we are going to travel back to the Knightmare scenario for more clarity and closure of what’s going on.  After all, they wouldn’t leave us hanging on that right?

What do you think of this Batman Day full of reveals?  Let us know!


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