Review: Batman Beyond #7

by Alec Ward
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Writer: Dan Jurgens

Penciller: Stephen Thompson


It’s a bold new world out there for Tim Drake. The threat of Brother Eye has, seemingly, subsided and it’s finally time for Tim to explore this new Gotham City. What kind of threats will there be and will Tim realize that this Gotham might just be worse than one he left behind?

Fresh off of the “Brave New Worlds” storyline, comes the second arc of Jurgens’ run on Batman Beyond. I truly enjoyed the first arch of the series, and had been really looking forward to seeing where the creative team were going to take the book.

The pacing of this issue was a little weird to me, mainly because it was much slower than I had gotten used to with the book. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it just felt a little off. I’m all about slowing it down for the reader, especially after the huge blowout that we had with issue #6, but this issue was almost a little too slow, if that’s possible. I understand that they are setting up this next arc, and am totally fine with that, but this issue needed something a little more substantial if it wanted to keep my interest throughout the whole issue.

It’s not all bad, however. Matt McGinnis makes his return to the series and actually brings the McGuffin of our story this go-around. I won’t spoil what it is, but what he brings might come in ‘handy’ *hyuck hyuck hyuck*. Just like Heat Miser, I’m too much.

The art continues to be a highlight of this series as Bernard Chang is replaced by “Futures End” artist Stephen Thompson. I’m not totally sure if Chang is off the book entirely, but if for some reason he is, I’m fine with Thompson taking over. I completely expect Chang to just be taking a break, but who knows.

The issue was a little slower than what I would have liked, but the interesting new direction of the plot and the fantastic art piqued my interest enough for me to continue reading. I’m still anxious, and maybe now, even more so to see what Jurgens can do with Tim and the rest of the Beyond cast and will continue to sing the praises of this book.


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