Fish Mooney One-Liners: The Supercut

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Bolstered by her bold personality and ability to manipulate situations and people, Fish Mooney has retained a powerful presence on Gotham through her audacity, which is often seasoned with curt, snippy, and sometimes humorous one-liners.

Nevertheless, take a gander at this supercut of a bunch of Fish Mooney one-liners — guaranteed to give you a laugh.

DC said:

The first season of Gotham may be over and Jada Pinkett Smith’s phenomenal Fish Mooney may be dearly departed (…or is she?), but we’ll always have those delicious one-liners of hers. In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we relive some of her best ones in a special supercut. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget option three.

Indeed, we saw Fish Mooney take a plunge into what may be perceived as a watery grave amongst rocks and sea-critters, but her voice lives onward in our minds — whether that is good or bad is up to you.  Fish sleeps with the fishes — perhaps that is a most appropriate, yet previously unspoken, one-liner pertaining to dearest Fish.  We wonder if Fish can swim.

Source: DC Entertainment YouTube Channel

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