Dark Knight Rises Batcave Turns Up in Brecon Beacons, Wales

by MattB
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So it looks like the iconic batcave location from The Dark Knight Rises has finally been revealed. The falls, seen at the end of the third movie of the Nolan trilogy, are located, not in Gotham, but Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. The famous falls, in real life named Henrhyd Falls, finally has a park trail connecting to it, making it easier for all us bat-fans to get a glimpse next time we’re in Wales.


Henryhd falls is 90 feet tall, making it the tallest waterfall in southern Britain. The falls also plays home many rare mosses, liverworts and lichen categorizing Henrhyd as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by the British government. Even without it’s Dark Knight Rises pedigree the falls are a worthy pit stop on any welsh hike.

The park has apparently already seen an uptick in bat-fan specific traffic since the construction of the new pathway, and is currently open to the public, provided you find yourself in The British Isles.

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