Previews: Batman/Superman #20 & Strange Sports Stories #1

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Batman/Superman #20 and Strange Sports Stories #1 are available today, and you can view previews for both issues, right here.

Batman/Superman #20 is written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Sandra Hope and Ardian Syaf, and features a cover by Hope and Syaf, in addition to variant covers by Tradd Moore and Tony Harris.

Batman and Superman work together to combat a devastating plot that has ties to terrorists from Kandor.

Strange Sports Stories #1 is an anthology of sorts that includes four odd sports stories, including “Martian Trade” from Gilbert Hernandez, “Dodgeball Kill” from Amy Chu and Tana Ford, “Chum” from Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen, and “Refugees” from Ivan Brandon and Amei Zhao.

Source: DC Comics


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