Batman and Batmobile Locked and Loaded in Two New Screenshots from ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

About 3 months away from what looks to be the greatest Batman game… ever? Well, at the very least, very close to it. While I anxiously await the release Batman: Arkham Knight, by scrawling a tally on my arm for each day that passes, I will have to make do with the random little things that WB and Rocksteady feel they need to reward us for the long wait.

We’ve got a couple new screenshots here for you.

The screenshot with the Batmobile is showing us its Pursuit Mode. Considering the fact that I’ve yet to master driving in any game, I can safely say that I will be doing a lot of what’s happening in that photo, and probably a lot more. Gotham is going to have a lot less nice cars when I’m through with it. The other photo shows us our dear crusader about to break up some thugs with his Remote Electrical Charge gun. If you missed Arkham City, it essentially acts as a taser and stuns enemies in combat. For non-combat use, it powers generators and such.

With each passing screenshot, I’m more taken aback by how beautiful the graphics and Gotham are rather than what’s actually happening in the shot. This is maddening!

Source – Facebook

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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