Why is July 23rd Batman Day ?

It’s the 75th year of the Batman. DC fans around the globe are celebrating throughout the year, we know that next Wednesday (July 23rd) is Batman Day. If you don’t know why that’s the case, Dark Knight News reveals all.

Issue #27 of Detective Comics was a special one. It was this issue back in 1939 that billionaire Bruce Wayne was introduced to the world as the man who fights crime at night as “The Bat-Man.” The method by which comics worked in the 30’s meant the first issue would have been released towards the first half of the year (around February – March). Given we know that, why do you suppose DC Entertainment has picked the 23rd of July as Batman Day?



DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee explains:

“It’s the Wednesday opening of Comic-Con. It’s probably the biggest day for comic books in the country. Comic-Con is a national, yearly celebration of the art-form and the characters, and there’s a lot of press coverage around it. You also have a lot of fans that can’t make it to San Diego. We really look at this as a way of bringing the excitement of Comic-Con to all these different comic shops, bookstores and libraries across the country by giving out all of these cool things from Batman paper masks to capes to special editions of Detective 27. It really allows fans from across the country to celebrate Comic-Con and Batman in one day.

How will YOU celebrate Batman Day?

Source: Daily News


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