The numbers making up Batman’s Birthday


Over the last 75 years Batman has built a legacy setting the benchmark of what pop culture means to us and the numbers are impressive. Throughout time Batman has entertained DC fans while also injecting the fear of God into the villains that prey on the weak.

Wednesday the 23rd of July is the official “Batman day” and following that on Thursday is the inception of San Diego’s Comic-Con 2014. Let’s break down some of the numbers that have help define 75 years of the Dark Knight.


The number of Hollywood actors who have portrayed their own persona of the Batman in motion film:

  • Adam West
  • Michael Keaton
  • Val Kilmer
  • George Clooney
  • Christian Bale
  • Ben Affleck



This was the year that ‘the Joker’ who has been described as Batman’s arch nemesis received his own comic book series.


This was the first comic issue in the “Detective Comics” of 1939 that featured Bruce Wayne who would don the cape and cowl to become the Batman and take on crime.

36 Million

The volume of units sold world-wide of the Batman ‘Arkham’ game series (2009-current) and Lego Batman video game series combined. Impressive!


3.7 Billion

Total box office takings world-wide for the seven Batman films that began back in 1989 with Time Burton’s Batman


The draw dropping actresses who played Catwoman throughout the 1960s Batman TV series:

Lee Meriwether

Julie Newmar

Eartha Kitt


Issue number that relaunched the Batman comic book series back in 2011, which introduced the all-conquering secret society of ‘The Court of Owls’ and re-established the title as one of DC’s best-selling comics.



The amount of votes taken by phone that killed off Robin in the famous comic book, “Death in the Family” in 1988. The vote was only 72 more than the amount of fans that wanted him to live.



Source: USA Today

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