Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso to Create Batman-related Vertigo Title

Yes, Vertigo will be releasing a comic that features an as-of-yet unnamed Batman character. This was revealed in an interview with Eduardo Risso during VIII FIQ (Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos). The interview was in Spanish. Here is the translated version:

Eduardo Risso and Paul Dini will be together in a series of Vertigo with a character from the Batman universe. Risso did not reveal who the character, but proved quite interested in working with Dini and the universe of Batman once more. Interestingly he revealed that a few minutes after this writer had asked if he toparia with the entire team of 100 Bullets, making an issue of Wonder Woman. But superheroes are not really his thing.

The key word here that makes this bit of news so strange is “Vertigo”. Vertigo has always been somewhat separate from the rest of the DCU (for the most part anyway), so a Batman title from them seems a bit odd. However, it will be written by Batman legend Paul Dini, so we can be mostly guaranteed a good story.

Source: Bleeding Cool