Preview Pages Released For Scarecrow — Detective Comics #23.3

by Mia Elia
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As villains month approaches its home stretch, the Scarecrow will be making his appearance in Detective Comics #23.3, written by Peter J.Tomasi and illustrated by Szymon Kudranski. Recently, preview pages have been released on IGN showing the first five pages of the Psychiatrist turned Psychopath, recruiting for an organization he refers to only as the “Society.” The preview pages can be read here. The scheduled release date for Detective Comics #23.3 is September 18th.


Who will win the war for Gotham?

Who will win the war for Gotham?


This issue, along with Batman #23.4 — a one-shot of Bane — will be tie-ins to the six-issue mini-series Arkham War, starting in October. Both Batman #23.4 and Arkham War will be written by Peter J. Tomasi, who recently said in an interview with MTV Geek that “the main characters of Arkham War are Bane and Scarecrow, each one leading their respective army against the other for control of Gotham in their own inimitable ways. The Bane and Scarecrow one-shots set up their master plans and lead directly into Arkham War.”


Source: IGN

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