“Fallen Grayson” Will Mark Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s ‘Nightwing’ Finale

by Eric Lee
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Nightwing writer Tom Taylor has announced that his final story arc on the title will be named “Fallen Grayson”.

On Instagram, Taylor proclaimed that he will be ending his critically acclaimed and commercially successful run on Nightwing. Series regular artist Bruno Redondo will return to illustrate the storyline.


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DC Official Solicitation

The official DC solicitation sheds more light on the story arc. Nightwing has been affected by the mysterious and villainous Heartless, but whatever’s happened to him, Dick Grayson is not the same superhero that he once was.

Written by TOM TAYLOR
Art and over by BRUNO REDONDO
Variant cover by DAN MORA
Variant cover by DANIEL SAMPARE
1:25 variant cover by AARON CAMPBELL


The Eisner Award-winning duo of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo reunite to tell Nightwing’s greatest story yet. The culmination of Heartless’s sabotage on Nightwing reaches its dramatic climax when Nightwing loses his ability to leap, impeding his duties to be the superhero we know and love.

Taylor’s Nightwing introduced the villain Heartless early on in the run as a person who steals people’s hearts to power his enhanced body. However, since he killed and stole Blockbuster’s heart, he’s been laying low. It sounds like Taylor’s gearing Heartless up to be a major threat again against Nightwing. We can probably safely assume Heartless won’t steal Dick’s heart, but what could he do that will incapacitate him so badly?

The covers of the opening issue show what appears to be an older, bearded Dick Grayson trekking through snowy mountains. Haley the dog, AKA Bitewing, is with him. “Fallen Grayson” seems like it will be a tragic ending for our favorite sidekick-turn- hero, but with an older Dick and Haley, is this story a flash-forward to a potentially dark future? It’s unclear at this point.

“Fallen Grayson” starts in Nightwing #114 and will go on sale on May 21st.

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